A Typical Day

A 24 year old woman who was repulsed by vegetables and most fruits, hadn’t eaten any since under 2 years of age. After 2nd session she tentatively sampled a selection, managed some, then after 3rd session she surprised herself, her family and friends by happily eating all vegetables at a dinner party and continued same in her everyday life! 😊 – Read Amy’s testimonial.

A 62 year old lady who’d suffered debilitating panic attacks most days since a serious car accident when she was 25 which 2 of her friends died in. 2 sessions of Trauma Removal combined with 3 sessions of confidence-building saw her medication free, much more self-assured, calm and enjoying life 😊

A 27 year old single lady who’d always been self-employed came to me on heavy medication for panic attacks and low self-confidence, virtually unable to leave her house for 3 years which meant her business had gone. She’d managed to keep going for 6 years after she found her boyfriend of 2 years hanged himself in their garage. 1 session of Trauma Removal and 5 sessions of combined Hypnotherapy, Emotrance and Bodytalk saw her healthy, outgoing and setting up a new business 😊

52 year old man Oil+Gas Executive made redundant after 24 years. I helped him release and move on from the anger and feelings of betrayal which had left him feeling depressed and lacking confidence. After 3 sessions he applied for various positions, went for interview and was delighted to be offered it. He accepted and has been happy there since 😊

21 year old female soon to qualify in Accountancy who’d been off work with extreme anxiety for 2 weeks. She’d split from her boyfriend a month earlier so dealt with that on initial session so it no longer hurt. Next session was Trauma Removal from a serious car accident the previous year which left her in hospital for a month. One more session saw her happily socialising again and going back to work the following week 😊

17 year old male who’d failed his driving test twice. Released the trauma of his Dads sudden death when he was 14 on first session, and his driving instructor criticising him. After second session he felt totally calm and confident to pass and did some weeks later 😊

11 year old girl who was very anxious since falling off her horse and breaking her collar bone. 2 sessions she was happily back horse riding 😊

51 year old lady who was drinking too much alcohol since her husband was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. She stopped after 3rd session so was able to be there for husband till he passed, then had 2 subsequent sessions to significantly ease her bereavement grief. 😊