Fees & Appointments

Hypnotherapy Works

I work quickly and efficiently. The number of sessions you require will depend on your problem and your level of co-operation. Video call sessions are also available through various mediums.

What type of appointment to you require?

As an approximate guide, straight-forward reprogramming of eating habits should be achieved in 2-3 sessions if used in conjunction with a self-hypnosis CD.

If you have low self-confidence, depression, or have suffered emotional deprivation or abuse in childhood then you will more likely need 4-6 sessions.

Session cost – £120

Each session costs £120, the first one lasts an hour. Follow-up sessions will last up to 45 – 55 minutes.

Trauma Removal – £190

This can be done in my therapy room or the comfort of your own home if you wish.


A cancellation fee of £60 will be charged if within 48 hours of scheduled appointment.

Contactable on 07792 787148.