Cause and Effect

For every illness or unwanted habit, there is a cause. The mind and body are connected, therefore what affects one must affect the other. Fear, criticism, anger, resentment, guilt, and self-hatred can have a devastating effect on our physical and emotional well-being, including depression and low self-confidence.

The symptom is only the outer expression of what is going on inside, and changing the thought pattern is the only way to prevent recurrence of the problem. Conventional medicine and willpower sometimes don’t work because they are only battling the outer effect: they cut down the weed but do not get the root out.


Where appropriate, I use hypnosis to tap the source of your problems and feed your unconscious mind positive, beneficial suggestions. Your brain is a highly sophisticated computer and you can choose the information which you programme into it.

The experience of being hypnotised is like a very pleasant pleasant state of relaxation: like a daydream. You never become unconscious, are always aware of your surroundings and are in control at all times. Hypnosis helps you achieve much more of your potential.

You can not be hypnotised against your will or made to accept inappropriate suggestions. TV hypnotists have projected a very misleading image of this powerful therapeutic tool. I am not a stage hypnotist and have no desire to make you bark like a dog or eat raw onions!

All client’s details are treated with total confidentiality. It is safe to drive after a session.


Each session costs £120, the first one lasts an hour. Trauma Removal costs £190. Follow-up sessions last 45-55 minutes and are available from 11am-8pm (Mon-Fri) and 12-6pm (Sat). The cost of visits to your home is negotiable.

A cancellation fee of £60 will be charged if within 48 hours of scheduled appointment. Ring me on 07792 787148.